You’ve Got My Ear

You’ve Got My Ear

Cat Wilson and Rich Aanrich

How would you like to bring your partner for an entertaining day of “listening play” to increase your love, appreciation, and ability to be intimate and clear? Yes?

I offer a one day class on Listening at Apositiva Institute. This is great for couples, single people wishing they could connect, or just realizing a better relationship with the ones in your life.  Admission is $15/person or $20/couple. Tea is complementary. Class is held on the second level. Space is limited to 12 students. We regularly make this class a part of our certification programs, and you can call and ask me to put in on the schedule.

R.S.V.P.  Cat at 503-816-5104.

You’ve Got My Ear

  • Apositiva Institute
  • 037 SW Hamilton Street, Ste. 1
  • Portland, OR 97239

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