In the World of Coaching, Questions Rule

Six Famous Friends - Mindmap by Cat Wilson

Six Famous Friends – Mindmap by Cat Wilson

In the world of coaching, questions rule. Clients can expect to hold court with a curious guide. But, do you know what questions do? What value do questions bring?

Questions are meant to bring information to the floor.

Clarify – Specifically what do you want?

Deepen – When you get what you want, why is that important?

Test – When you get what you want, because … how will it be in the future?

Ah Ha – When you look back on that time, what did you learn?

Rudyard Kipling said, “I had six honest serving men. They taught me all I knew. Their names were: Where, What, When, Why, How and Who.” As you can see in the mindmap, they lead the way.

Coaching is a process where the client is honored with having the answers. This means that the coach doesn’t give answers, because coaching is not consulting nor therapy.  Inside the client has all the answers. The coach takes their client inside where it is safe to explore.

By asking questions, coaches help clients get to know themselves, open up possibilities, revisit dreams, introduce themselves, and take creative control of their own lives. If your coach is “telling” you what to do, then you are working with a consultant. In the world of coaching, questions rule, because they guide the client to his or her highest and best possible life!

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“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” – Rudyard Kipling


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About Cat Wilson

Cat Wilson grew up in Illinois and traveled to meet her destiny. Winds of change moved her to California, Republic of the Philippines, Washington, and landing in Oregon. She has studied culture, art, business, law and graduated from Marylhurst University with a degree in Communication, training and development. Cat has three children, seven grandchildren, and lives in Oregon with her Life Partner Rich Aanrich. She is the author of many technical training manuals for large companies, as well as the Growing Coach Training program, Pediatric Hypnotherapy, and several empowering books.

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