Be Playful and Draw on the Wall

Be Playful and Draw on the Wall - Cat Wilson

Be Playful and Draw on the Wall – Cat Wilson

Although I’m not sure if my mother would have approved, I would have loved to draw happy faces all over the wall.

Today, I train how to draw mindmaps and do graphic facilitation on the walls at Apositiva in Portland. Corporations call me in to work with teams in these visual processes, such as Intel Corp, The Standard, Tri-Met, and others.  It certainly makes the meeting or training more interesting!

In coaching, my clients come for a session and we work out what they want on the wall. I’d like to show you some of them, but they are generally personal or corporate secrets, and so it stays on their walls.

If you’d like to see how it can work for you in coaching you on a challenge or to work with an idea you can contact me to meet me here in Portland, or I can meet you online in Google, Fuze (where it’s recorded), and other online forums. Let me know how I can assist you to be playful and draw on the wall!


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About Cat Wilson

Cat Wilson grew up in Illinois and traveled to meet her destiny. Winds of change moved her to California, Republic of the Philippines, Washington, and landing in Oregon. She has studied culture, art, business, law and graduated from Marylhurst University with a degree in Communication, training and development. Cat has three children, seven grandchildren, and lives in Oregon with her Life Partner Rich Aanrich. She is the author of many technical training manuals for large companies, as well as the Growing Coach Training program, Pediatric Hypnotherapy, and several empowering books.

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