Meltdown: What Do Coaches Do on Off Days?

Meltdown: What Do Coaches Do on Off Days?

Having a bad day? Wondering who to talk to?  It usually bodes well to link up with a compassionate, well-trained coach who listens when you need to be heard. Many clients find that listening is exactly the “fix” they are seeking, as they need to be heard. But what happens when you are the coach who does the listening and you need someone to listen to you? After all, everyone has a down day when they need a pat on the back or an open ear.

Tips: Chin Ups for the Coach

Here are five (5) simple tips for Coaches and Guides having a “Melt-down”:

1)  Find a coach who can be a good listener to you, choosing a person that you are not coaching. It changes the dynamic when  you reverse roles. Seek someone who specializes in a different area than you, so you can recommend each other. (By the way, Julia from Find Your Glow is a fun health coach and MIchelle from Thrive Leader is an experienced Executive Coach.)

2) Plan ahead. What stops you? What keeps you going? Take the time on a good day to write an “In Emergency Break Glass” plan. Do movies help you on a bad day? A walk in nature? How about chicken soup (for the soul). Make an emergency plan and reach for it when you need it. Fill a box of goodies like a box of special tea, new book, movie tickets, or even a couple $20 bills for play money.

3) Get away. Go for a long drive and stop in some unusual place. I like to go off on a venture a couple times a year just to get new perspective. This is what vacations are for, and it’s common for a busy person to forget or disregard the need to get away.

4) Hold this thought:  “It’s all good.”  My colleague Marci Nemhauser used to tell me this when we talked about things that didn’t come together. Something good comes out of everything, whether it is a lesson or a new idea.

5) Smile. Look for the one place where you smile. Or stick a pencil or pen across your mouth to push your lips back. It’s been scientifically proven that just by sitting up straight and smiling and looking up that your disposition can  improve. Remember a FUN STATE and visit that moment.


Talk to your pet
Hot cup of tea
Dance a silly jig
Listen to music
Smell vanilla or peppermint
Rub nice lotion on your hands
Visit a sweet memory
Write a “thank you” to someone

By the way, “Thank you for visiting Synergyone Training.” (smile)

Call Cat Wilson for a “good listen to.” That’s what I’m here for… YOU.