Salads are Synergistic

Definitions bring more understanding, and it’s nice knowing where a word came from originally. So, let’s notice the word “synergy.” It originally comes from a Greek word synergos and synergism was originally used for combining substances together to get a better result. Salads are a beautiful synergism. Have you ever considered having a combination of various vegetables and berries mixed together. Great food combination and your body combines those ingredients in your organs for a healthy energetic response. Lunch and dinner may have a salad. Why not try it for breakfast?


10 Tips to Overcome Fear of Speaking

Speak without fear

  1. Speak with enthusiasm!
  2. Use energy. Energy attracts energy (i.e., enthusiasm is energy)
  3. Speak from passion! You can say more in 5 minutes of passion than 30 minutes of knowledge.
  4. Tell your story. Everyone likes stories
  5. Speaking to the smiling faces
  6. Know your subject
  7. Practice, practice, practice
  8. Try to help others
  9. Thing happy thoughts
  10. Use relaxation techniques

Two more tips!

  1. Get a “Coach”
  2. Join a fun, supportive, “Speaking Group”